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The Khadi March: Just Five Meters by Shelly Jyoti

74 pages


Published art work

Recipes for Re-enchantment: Natural Dyes and Dyeing By Aarti Kawlra

Cloth and India: 1947-2015
Edited by Mayank Mansingh Kaul

Marg magazine
Volume 67 Number 4




Published article

Turkey Red Journal
Volume 20 Issue 1
(Journal dedicated to natural dyes)
Fall 2015

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‘Ajrakh: Invoking history and celebrating the subaltern’
by Shelly Jyoti

Image :Shelly Jyoti, ‘Indigo Narratives: section of ‘An ode to Neel Darpan’, 2009, Ajrakh printing and dyeing on khadi fabric, 72 x 46 in.
Photo : Chetan Patel.

Published Article and artworks
Ajrakh – Celebrating a textile tradition by Shelly Jyoti

Namaste -ITC Hotels magazine
January publication



Published artworks

Gandhi and the Political Enlightenment by AkeelBilgrami and Nicholas B Dirks
ASIAN ART MUSEUM SAN FRANCISCO (SACHI Annual event) Sunday- Nov 23rd, 2014

The invites inform of Art Installations of JiteshKalat’s Public Notice 2 and Shelly Jyoti’s Salt:The Great March- The Threads of Swaraj 2013-14

Published catalog

Published by Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts IGNCA, New Delhi

Salt: The Great March : New works by Shelly Jyoti


An authored publication with catalog essay

Vastram: Splendid Indian Textiles

Curatorial project by Indian Council of Cultural Relations, New Delhi, For Asian Traditional Textile Museum SeimReap Cambodia and other ASEAN countries

Text: Shelly Jyoti

Catalog essay – Splendid Indian Textiles:Cotton | cloth |Culture by Shelly Jyoti




Published artworks

Shelly Jyoti ‘My Prerogative’ Dry pastels on waterford paper 2005

Shelly Jyoti ‘Me, My Mother and My Daughter, Acrylic on handmade paper 2005 Beyond Mithila series

SHRINGARA -A recent book by Dr Alka Pande


Published Art work

SAHITYA AKADEMI of Indian English Literature’

IL268, March/April 2012

Woman Power: The Three Generations’ BeyondMithila series
Inks and Acrylics on waterford sheet.

36×23 Inches 2008

Sold work

Published essay

Art and Couture: Collaborations  by Shelly Jyoti
Essay for Artetc Magazine

Calcutta edition


Exhibition catalog

Essays by Murtaza Vali, Johny ML, Michelle yee

The Dye That Binds : Indigo Iconographies by MurtazaVali

Indigo Inscriptions by JohnyML

Moving Materials: Reclaiming Histories Of Migration by  Michelle yee


Published artworks

SOCLEEN Magazine  for Society of clean environment

Theme: Genetically modified crops

Cover page


Published artworks

SOCLEEN Annual Magazine (Society of clean environment)

Theme-Eternal energy: Global warming Vol 43
cover page
Dec 2008-09

Theme: Green Design vol 44
cover page
Dec 2009-10

Self published catalog

Beyond Mithila : Exploring the Decorative

Interweaving: The art of Shelly Jyoti by Priya Malhotra
Contributing editor of Asian Art News, New York

WomanMade Gallery , chicago ,IL


Published artworks

ETC  et cetera

A review journal of General  Semantics, volume 65
General semantics in India

Cover page
Click to view : ETC magazine 

January 2008

Poetry publication

Sahitya Akademi, Bi-monthly journal, Il 238

  • Lady kingfisher brown
  • My morning walk
  • My day
  • Magical brush
  • Contemplative

Published Art work and poetries

SAHITYA AKADEMI of Indian English Literature

IL238, March/April 2007, Bi- monthly journal

Woman Power: The Three Generations
Inks and Acrylics on waterford sheet.Beyond Mithila series

36×23 inches 2008, Sold works


Published art work

Magazine of St Xaviers University, Chicago IL, USA
Spring publication


Spring 2008