Revisiting Gandhi: The Art of Shelly Jyoti 2009-18


IMG_3402 copy 3‘Revisiting Gandhi- The Art of Shelly Jyoti (2009-18)’ covers a decade of the artist’s intense pursuit to integrate the Gandhian ideals with the extremely diversified ways of textile production in India, its aesthetics, and production-consumption patterns. This exhibition project showcases four important milestone exhibitions that Ms.Jyoti has created on titles of ‘Swaraj, Khadi, Salt, Indigo’ and presented in museums and galleries both in India and abroad. Shelly Jyoti, whose educational background includes Literature, Fashion, and Fine arts – has a keen interest in both India’s material and socio-political history which has inspired her textile work over the past few decades. Her work focuses on Gandhi’s ideology of nation building in creating moral and peaceful societies, relevant for the 21st century.

Ms.Jyoti considers it as her ‘Make in India’ project as she insists that ‘Swadharma’ is nothing but the extreme loyalty towards one’s own self which is shaped by one’s country. In her views, Swadharma is the ‘duty unto the last’ if one rephrases Ruskin’s dictum, which interestingly had inspired Mahatma Gandhi too. Ms.Jyoti believes that through her aesthetical project that deals with various aspects of the fabric Khadi, she could inculcate the love for Khadi among a larger public that approaches life through aesthetics. And it is also her belief that if she could kindle this idea of getting each household in India by five meters Khadi per annum, the Khadi sector, which is predominantly rural, would get a shot in the arm and more artists and designers would indulge in this national fabric helping it to become not just a fabric/cloth but a philosophy.