Care Package c/o India, November 7-15 India International Centre New Delhi

1450692_10152007723399577_286973449_n‘Beyond batuaas 101 : Textiles as gift Containers’

While textile container may perform the practical function of holding, carrying and covering everyday items, they are also objects of creativity made with a designing and purposeful eye. ‘Beyond the Batuaas101’ celebrates the use of textiles as utilitarian containers on joyous occasions and gift giving practice. Symbolically, the exchange of ‘money envelopes’ occurs during all auspicious family events from illness until the last journey of death from generations in India. A contemporary dialogue of ‘Gift giving’ is an expression of universal love and a part of the unwritten social contract that embodies strong cultural, socio-political, and economic codings.
The hanging site specific investigates the manipulation of varied richly coloured textile envelopes at different height placement and explores the richness of silk brocade to heighten the visual effect.

Image :Gallery installation at India International Centre, New Delhi, 2013