Revisiting Gandhi: The Art of Shelly Jyoti 2009-18


The opportunity of this exhibition, Revisiting Gandhi, comes at an important juncture in Shelly Jyoti’s life and creative journey – offering her reason to reflect on over a decade of intense introspection on the life and work of Gandhi.  Realizing that what Gandhi inspired and put into action, self-transformation, with the ultimate goal of the total transformation of society, is an ongoing and ever-present process, Jyoti draws on intellectual, historical, spiritual and artistic ideas and traditions that although rooted in the past, still flourish, ferment and bear fruit today. Through exquisite textile works created between 2009 and 2018, Jyoti has found material form for key themes in Gandhian thought entwined with Indian history and identity – Swaraj, Khadi, Salt and Indigo.  By translating her concepts and designs through India’s unique craft techniques and traditions, her collaborative spirit and creative processes pays tribute to both Gandhi and her country.