A short film ‘In the making of svavlambhan’ for the new Parliament House Shilp Gallery


Charkha-The Wheels of ‘Svavalamban’ Shilp Deergha Gallery

 New Parliament House, 118 Rafi Marg, New Delhi, India  

This installation is a triptych titled, ‘Charkha -The Wheels of Svavalamban.’was  installed in Shilp Deergha Gallery in the new parliament building at New Delhi on May 28, 2023.

 These works were created by artist Shelly Jyoti in collaboration with Ajrakh craftsmen, embroiders from Delhi on the theme of  charkha (spinning wheel) symbolising unity, freedom, and self-sufficiency, reminding us of the Swadeshi Movement during India’s freedom struggle, when it stood for making our own products. This video gives the process of these artworks in making at Ajrakhpur, Bhuj, Gujarat and artists studio in Gurgaon, Haryana

Spinning wheel is used as an iconography for  Svavalamban or self-reliance. Charkha connects our past with the present, spinning the threads of India’s long and complex history, standing for all the ideals and aspirations of a free nation.

Artworks commissioned by Founder/ President of Dastkari  Haat Samiti : Smt Jaya Jaitley

Craftsmen and skilled workers

Juned Ismail Khatri (Master Craftsman) Ajrakhpur, Bhuj
Peer Mohamed, Hussain Afroz (Ajrakhpur, Gujarat)-Ajrakh Artisans 
Malti Das (Kaligunj, Krishnanagar,  Bengal)-Hand Needle work
Zameer Ansari, Nazrul, Saukat (Krishna market, old Gurgaon, Haryana)
Zardozi embroidery

Special thanks to all:

Voice Over(female): Artist and poet Shelly Jyoti
Voice Over(male): Dishant Narang
Recording studio: Pindrop Studio
Voice recordist Pankaj Sharma
Video editor : Guneet Singh Gulati
Photography & Videography: Ridham D Chhatrala, Bhuj, Gujarat.

This video is funded by GoodEarth: India’s leading luxury brand Design house www. Goodearth.in