Artworks for The New Parliament House 2023

It’s indeed very humbling and a great honour to get this opportunity!

 These works can be viewed at Shilp Deergha Gallery on the Ground floor sections of the  new Parliament house at New Delhi  The concept and the work of Shilp Deergha gallery was visualised by Smt. Jaya Jaitley ji along with many designers and crafts people. The Shilp Gallery  houses eight thematic installations — Gyan, Prakriti, Swavlamban, Aastha, Ullas, Parv, Samrasta, and Yatra. Collectively, these works pay tribute to our rich art and craft legacy in collaboration with over 300 artists and artisans from all over the country.

I was commissioned to create these artworks on the theme  swavlambhan by Smt Jaya Jailtly founder/ president of Dastkari Haat Samiti. These works in the new Parliament House depict the theme of svavlambhan (self reliance).This installation is a triptych titled, ‘Charkha — the Wheels of Svavalamban.’
Created on hand-spun, handwoven khadi – they feature different charkhas, printed in traditional Ajrakh style, and embellished with tiny mirrors and zardozi work. The charkha (spinning wheel) symbolises unity, freedom, and self-sufficiency, reminding us of the Swadeshi Movement during India’s freedom struggle, when it stood for making our own products. The idea of creating two charkhas reflects the diversity of people, as a collective whole, strengthening the concept of Svavalamban. In collaboration with my ajrakh craftsmen Juned Khatri and embroiders, I tried to evoke the sentiment, to remind us that our freedom was hard won, and that it can be protected and preserved through self-reliance.

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