Bound by Duty : An idea of Swaraj and Collectiveness 2018



These works titled ‘Bound by Duty: An idea of Swaraj and Collectiveness’  are inspired by Gandhi’s seminal anti-imperialist text Hind Swaraj (1909). I examine the elements of Gandhi’s critique of modern civilization, noting his emphasis on an evolved ethical and spiritual self for creating an alternative perspective of a better world. I continue to explore the idea of swadharma, where a man does not have to await a social revolution to create better societies and, that a better world cannot be sustained without work on the self. Swaraj (self-rule) has to be experienced by each one for himself, and to further add that ‘real home rule is self-rule or self-control.’

My inspiration is those micro-organisms school of fishes, who when in trillions collaborate together undersea, displacing water to create ocean currents and waves. I examining the idea of ‘collective impact’ or ‘collectiveness’ in societies that are evolved ethically and spiritually, to bring social changes for better alternate societies. These works are in continuation of my previous works on a title,’ Indigo Narratives’2009-17); Salt: The Great March (2013-5); The Khadi March: Just Five Meters (2016-17). The exhibits include textile site-specific installations, 30 new Ajrakh artworks on khadi, spoken word poetry performance, a short documentary titled Mapping Ajrakh traditions in contemporary art and craft II