Exhibition Schedule – Indigo:Shelly Jyoti & laura kina(Two woman show)


  • 2013 November-Gandhi Memorial Centre ,Washington DC, USA
  • 2013 January -until April 27 2013 – Chicago Cultural Center – IL USA
  • 2011 May Diana Lowenstein Gallery Maimi USA
  • 2011 January Art exchange Gallery Seattle USA
  • 12 -18 January, 2010 Nehru Center Worli, Mumbai, India.
  • 23-28 December, 2009 Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Centre New Delhi India
  • 15-16 December, 2009 Red Earth Art Gallery, Baroda, Gujarat India.


LECTURE & TALKS Indigo:Shelly Jyoti& Laura kina 2009-14

January 30, 2013 Artist Talk Quilting , Art history and Metaphor DePaul University students With Prof Jean Bryan Chicago Rooms, Chicago Cultural Center,IL,USA

January 31,2013 Public Lecture Artist talk Indigo:Shelly Jyoti & Laura kina Shelly Jyoti, Laura kina and Pushpika Frietas ,Chicago Rooms, Chicago Cultural Center,IL,USA

February 11,2013 Artist Talk- Indigo:Shelly Jyoti & Laura kina Art Institute of Chicago, students with Prof Nora Taylor- Asian Art Now , Chicago Cultural Center,IL, USA

February 20,2013 Artist Talk: Art Institute of Chicago,Textile Society, Chicago Cultural Center,IL, USA

2011Lecture &Talk Collaborations :Indian and US Artist WomanMade Gallery,IL,USA

2009 Lecture & Talk 31st December -Forum for Contemporary Theory Baroda, Gujarat, India
Lecture The Politics of Indigo : Revisting India’s Torrid Colonial past