THREADS OF TIME: My artistic journey

Image : Shelly Jyoti, ‘Opulence’ collection, 1995, Pure gold zardozi embroidery studded gem stones on chamois silk
Having spent almost threedecades in fashion, design, and visual arts, reflecting back working with my eponymous label as a fashion designer since 1995, focusing on timeless elegance with pure gold zardozi embroidery and meticulous Kashmiri kashida craftsmanship on chamois silks that showcased across prominent retail platforms in India. Beyond my label, I also served as a design consultant for export houses, promoting Indian textiles globally with forecast trends. In my role as a Course Coordinator at NIFT New Delhi, I facilitated Continuing Education (CE) programs and mentored young aspiring designers.
My artistic journey persists as I consistently produce new works and collections annually. I am both a visual artist practitioner and a creator of select functional collections exclusively for my patrons and cherished friends, whose appreciation and support mean the world to me. Over the years, I have had the privilege of presenting ten major solo shows and exhibiting in 60 diverse venues across India and internationally, spanning from 2000 to 2024. This journey remains immensely fulfilling.
Looking ahead, I am excited about delving deeper into my recent works on “Swavlambhan,” which were crafted between 2022 and 2023 for India’s new Parliament building. The exploration on the above theme remains a focal point of my upcoming solo exhibition titled Threads of Empowerment: Tapestry of Self-Reliance. Utlizing Ajrakh textile traditions remains an integral part of my present art journey. Invoking such traditions, I bring together khadi as a fabric, Ajrakh textile traditions and skill of the craftspeople giving my own interpretation in a visual form. Working with various media and excavating from history, my art celebrates the subaltern.