THE KHADI MARCH : Gandhi’s political enlightenment traversing human lives and humanity

Above image: Shelly Jyoti. Salt: The Great March 2013-16
60×60 inches , Ajrakh printing, dyeing and needle work on khadi fabric
This wheel represent  the idea of spinning, weaving and wearing khadi in present times that has the potential to bring about significant social change. If people living in urban areas started wearing and buying khadi, the demand for khadi would create job opportunities for rural youth and also in turn by re-educate and reinforce ideas of peace and nonviolence that we have sadly lost. As Gandhi said, ‘My Idea of village Swaraj is that it is a complete republic, independent of its neighbors for its own vital wants and yet interdependent for many others in which dependence is necessary. Gandhi’s relevance shines in the contemporary world.

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