Particpation in United Art Fair -second edition 2013

Finished installing the textile Mobil for United Art Fair 2013 exhibition
.On view 15-17 Sept , 2013,
The 10ft high installation Homage :The tapestery of designs is a tribute to indigo farmers of champaran display printed disks of 7”diameter with sets of 15 different contemporary indigo print which maps the story of ryots of champaran suggesting of their sorrowful tales inscribed in each circle .There are 120 disks installated hanging attached one by another suggesting the hundreds of years of subjugation.
The parallels of circles hanging with different placement of prints also explore the manipulation of visual effect

The tapestery of designs display also show how characteristically the art of azrakh block printing with Resist Dyeing tradition highlights the variety of techniques used geographically and the diversity of results achieved and preserved
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi