Documentary film – Bound by Duty

These works titled Bound by duty: An Idea of Swaraj and Collectiveness are inspired by Gandhi’s seminal anti-imperialist text Hind Swaraj written in 1909. This exhibition examines elements of Gandhi’s critique of modern civilization, noting his emphasis on an evolved ethical and spiritual self for creating an alternative perspective of a better world. To bring social revolutions for creating peaceful societies, the idea of self-rule or self-control needs to be experienced uniquely by each individual. Individuals who have harnessed their inner strength can move mountains.

Shelly Jyoti is inspired by the micro-organisms in water, such as trillions of tiny fishes collaborating together, displacing water to create oceanic currents, waves and turbulence in undersea environment. She examines the idea of ‘collectiveness’ and ‘collective impact’ that can bring about social change with evolved and spiritually self-aware communities.

These works are a continuation of Jyoti’s previous works titled,’ Indigo Narratives,’2009, Salt: The Great March, 2013 and The Khadi March: Just Five Meters, 2016. The exhibit includes textile site specific installations, 30 new Ajrakh artworks on khadi, multimedia spoken word poetry and short film on making of Swaraj and collectiveness